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There are thousands of good reasons why magic doesn’t rule the world. They’re called witches and wizards.
— Magrat Garlick, Wyrd Sisters
Arcanist provides a few handy console command to quickly generate the necessary classes for creating wizards.

Generating wizards

To generate a wizard, you can use the make:wizard command.

This would create a new wizard called RegistrationWizard inside the app/Wizards/RegistrationWizard directory of your application.

Generating steps for a new wizard

If you already know which steps your wizard will have, you can pass a comma-separated list of steps to the make:wizard command using the --steps option.

This would create three classes called EmailPasswordStep, ChooseSubscriptionStep and ConfirmStep inside the app/Wizards/RegistrationWizard/Steps folder. It also automatically registers the steps in the wizard’s $steps array.

Generating steps

To create a new step for an existing wizard, you can use the make:wizard-step command. This command takes two parameters, the name of the step as well as the name as name of the wizard the step belongs to. The wizard name is used to determine the correct folder for creating the step.

This would create a new step called ChooseSubscriptionStep inside the app/Wizards/RegistrationWizard/Steps folder of your application.