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This documentation is still a work in progress, so please don’t mind the mess. We also want to assure you that any corpses you see are used for completely legal and sanctioned necromantic purposes. Absolutely no funny business is taking place here.

Magical multi-step forms

There are only two precious things on earth: the first is love; the second, a long way behind it, is intelligence.
— Elminster Aumar, The Making of a Mage
Arcanist provides a simple, yet powerful approach for adding multi-step form wizards to your Laravel application. It takes care of all the boring details so you can spend your time writing features, not boilerplate.

Out of the box, Arcanist handles:

  • Automatically registering all necessary routes for a wizard
  • Form validation
  • Persisting data between steps
  • Keeping track of which steps have already been completed
  • Resuming wizards at the last unfinished step

Not only that, Arcanist is completely front-end agnostic. You can use it together with Blade, Inertia.js, or anything else to render your templates.